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Film | Neu - Partner

Film | Neu - Partner

Film | Neu - Partner

Welcome to the 25th edition of Film|Neu. Yes, we can hardly believe it ourselves, but 25 years ago we started a small festival of new German-language cinema in Washington, and it’s still alive and going strong! It’s proof that people are interested in high-quality international cinema and the artists behind it – and in being transformed by new worlds and perspectives.

As we do every year, for 2017 we’ve put together a rich variety of themes and genres. Our opening film, The Young Karl Marx, brings history to life with a retelling of Marx's early years. More recent history – the fall of the Wall - plays a role in In Times of Fading Light, starring Bruno Ganz. The Divine Order, Switzerland’s nomination for the Academy Awards, wraps up the festival.

In between are documentaries and dramas, comedies and dark stories, short films and a European “Western.” Join us in discovering and celebrating what makes Film|Neu the highlight of our year!

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