Film|Neu - germany • austria • switzerland

Washington’s leading German-language film event presents a weeklong glimpse into the trends and film cultures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Landmark's E Street Cinema



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Film | Neu - Partner

Film | Neu - Partner

Film|Neu was a great success - thank you all for coming!

We're happy to announce the Audience Favorites from this year's screenings:
1st place: We Are Young. We Are Strong.
2nd place: Wacken 3D
3rd place: The Whole Shebang

From the pre-dawn streets of Berlin’s Mitte district in Victoria to the sun-dappled expanse of Spain’s Torremolinos beach in The Whole Shebang by way of the sinister digital world of Who Am I—No System is Safe, the 23rd annual edition of Film|Neu is a week-long tour of worlds known and unexplored as well as a snapshot of the best recent films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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