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Film | Neu - Partner

All of a Sudden (Auf einmal)

(c) photo by Emre Erkmen
(c) photo by Emre Erkmen
Saturday, November 5, 6 pm

Director Asli Özge and Cinematographer Emre Erkmen will take part in a discussion moderated by Sky Sitney (Co-director of the investigative film festival Double Exposure) following the screening.

Germany/Netherlands/France, 2016, 112 min. Director/Screenplay: Asli Özge, With: Sebastian Hülk, Julia Jentsch, Hanns Zischler, Sales: Memento Films International

  • Special Mention Europa Cinemas (Berlin 2016)
  • FIPRESCI Award (Istanbul 2016)
Karsten apparently has it made. After a party in his apartment in a provincial German town, everybody leaves except Anna. Admiringly, Karsten approaches this mysterious woman. How could he have known that in this moment of weakness, his well-established life would spiral out of control and turn into a disaster? For the woman dies that night, and not only does he have to face the fallout with his girlfriend, who’d been away on a business trip, but tensions in the family and in his circle of friends follow. His attempt to live life as if nothing has happened fails. Disappointment breeds rage and injustice, calamity takes its course and, just as Karsten thinks he has his life under control again, he has become a different person.

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Asli Özge(c) Memento Films International

Asli Özge
Istanbul-born, Germany-based director Asli Özge (b. 1975) graduated from Marmara University Film & TV Academy. This is her first German-language feature film for the cinema. Her feature film debut, Men on the Bridge, won a number of international awards.