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Film | Neu - Partner


(c) Dor Film Produktions GmbH
(c) Dor Film Produktions GmbH
Saturday, November 5, 8:45 pm

Austria, 2015, 93 min., Director: Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, Screenplay: Sabine Hiebler With: Susi Stach, Markus Subramaniam, Lola Khittl Sales: Dor Film
  • Audience Award (Montreal 2015)
Reception with Austrian treats prior to the screening.

Live. Love. Dance. Now! Mae (Anna Posch) roams the streets of Vienna as a punk in her dead brother's Converse shoes. She lives on canned beer, sprays walls, tries her hand at poetry slams. She’s not interested in bourgeois life, but in stronger experiences. When she is sent to an AIDS center to work off a punishment, she meets and falls in love with Paul (Markus Subramaniam). In what could have been a terribly played-out love story, Chucks’ enthralling and well crafted narrative of growing up between life and death is told through striking cinematography, with a killer soundtrack to boot. Full of humor, at times rebelliously loud, then extremely tender – completely in the spirit of the literary version it is based on, the successful novel by Cornelia Travnicek about which Clemens J. Setz once wrote: “If I were to get stuck in a lift with a character of contemporary literature, I would want it to be Mae. I don’t know whether I would come out safe and sound, but it would be worth it.”

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(c) (c)Dor Film Produktions GmbH

Gerhard Ertl and Sabine Hiebler met at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz. After co-directing a number of internationally-recognized experimental films, they have produced three feature films, including the 2011 Coming of Age (Anfang 80, 2011).