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Film | Neu - Partner

Hanna’s Sleeping Dogs (Hannas schlafende Hunde)

© enigma film
© enigma film
Sunday, November 5, 12 pm

Austria / Germany, 2016, 120 min., Director / Screenplay: Andreas Gruber, With: Hannelore Elsner, Nike Seitz, Franziska Weisz, World Sales: Picture Tree International

  • Best Music 2016 (Bavarian Film Award)
  • Golden Goblet Best Screenplay (Shanghai 2016)

Living with her mother and grandmother in the provincial Austrian town of Wels in the late 1960s, Johanna discovers a family secret: They are Jewish. This simple fact – in a time during which Nazi sympathy may have disappeared from the streets but not from peoples’ minds - throws her life into turmoil. The caretaker bullies her, the religion teacher ignores her and her traumatized mother stops talking to people. Not much has changed after the war, and the severity of recent history is downplayed by the family’s neighbors. Although Johanna’s mother desperately tries to avoid attention, Johanna is determined to be proud of her heritage. But the dogs have awakened, and they have sharp teeth. 

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Andreas Gruber © enigma film

Andreas Gruber
(b. 1954, Wels) adapted this feature film from the novel by Elisabeth Escher. A carefully constructed house of lies crumbles at first – and eventually collapses completely.