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© Luxbox Films
© Luxbox Films
Sunday, November 5, 4:45 pm

Germany, 2016, 100 min., Director: Michael Koch, Screenplay: Michael Koch, Juliane Großheim, With: Margarita Breitkreiz, Georg Friedrich, Sahin Eryilmaz, World Sales: Luxbox
  • Ecumenical Prize Special Mention; Environment is Quality of Life Prize (Locarno 2016)
  • Best Actress - Margarita Breitkreiz,;Best Actor - Georg Friedrich (Angers 2016)

Marija is a young Ukrainian woman who has a simple dream: to one day have her own hair salon. Earning her living as a cleaning woman in a hotel in Dortmund, she carefully puts away money each month to build her future life brick by brick. But when she gets fired without notice, her longed-for dream is suddenly postponed to a far away, uncertain future. Jobless and under financial pressure, she is forced to look for alternatives. Refusing the ascribed role as a victim, she sets off on a fight for a freer, self-determined life. Demanding, determined and uncompromising, her body, her social relationships and her own feelings take a secondary importance to reach her goal. But the battle to escape this menacing net of dependencies is tough, and even the people who help her are far from being her friends.

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Michael Koch © luxboxfilms

Michael Koch
(b. 1982, Lucerne) unveils the gray shades of Marija’s character in his feature film debut. The movie reveals neither a victim nor a villain, but a complex character in a complex life, and thus paints a universal portrait of immigrant life. Three of Koch’s previous short films have received international awards.