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Film | Neu - Partner

Film | Neu - Partner

Night of a 1000 Hours (Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden)

© Amour Fou
© Amour Fou
Saturday, November 4, 9 pm

Austria / Luxembourg / Netherlands, 2016, 92 min., Director / Screenplay: Virgil Widrich, With: Laurence Rupp, Amira Casar, Udo Samel, World Sales: Picture Tree International

  • Busan Bank Award; Flash Forward Audience Award (Busan International Film Festival)

Philip, the ambitious heir of the Ullich family business, is confronted with very peculiar incidents when the family members gather at their palace in Vienna: His deceased ancestors suddenly re-appear from the dead and entrap Philip in a series of unforeseen events. And as if this wasn’t mysterious enough, criminal machinations are picking up speed and even lead to murder. In the course of a long night, a world in which ethics have been discarded and profit seems to be the main goal unfolds itself before Philip. While he battles his cousin for control over the family business and embarks on an illicit love affair with his newly alive aunt Renate, the ancestors reveal the true origins of the Ullich fortune. Philip finds himself in a struggle where it all comes down to who can be trusted in a web of lies, secrets and love affairs.

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Virgil Widrich © Amour Fou, Ricardo Vaz Palma

Virgil Widrich's
(b. 1967, Salzburg) second feature film as writer and director is a spooky yet charming and mischievous family affair in which even death doesn’t mean the end.