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Germany: 15’000 Gray and Switzerland: Coffee & Prejudice

Zeitgeist DC

Saturday – Sunday, 10 – 11 May 2014, 11 am / 1 pm / 3 pm
Goethe-Institut Washington
+ 1 (202) 289-1200
15’000 Gray © Machina eX
15’000 Gray © Machina eX
Audiences limited to 8 participants rotate through two performances every two hours.

In 15’000 Gray, the audience members solve a mystery in the office/laboratory of Professor Hövel and prevent his groundbreaking discovery from falling into the wrong hands using techniques familiar to them from classic point and click video games. The audience members make decisions for the actors about where to look for clues, what action to take, etc. The actors do nothing without being told by the audience. The technological elements, including lights illuminating specific areas of the room, phones ringing, etc. will help guide the audience through the puzzle to save the professor and the world.

Developed by Laura Schaeffer & Philip Steimel from machina eX, a group of young German media and theatre artists designing computer games in real life environments, in collaboration with Studio Theatre.

Professor Hovel: David Bryan Jackson
Lab Assistants: Briel Banks and Jennifer De Castroverde

Coffee & Prejudice invites the audience to test its powers of judgment live in a 1:1 confrontation. Each participant is alone with a performer at a table, listening to his/her story, unable to really (re)act or escape. And then this performer leaves, and the next one enters.

Developed by Karin Arnold & Jessica Huber from MerciMax, a Swiss theater collective that displays a special interest in theatre forms beyond the stage while playfully experimenting with the spectators’ perspective, in collaboration with The Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Katrina Clark
Sarah Strasser
Ruth Neaveill
Samip Raval
Anne Thomas
Jim Zidar

Eventbrite - Coffee & Prejudice (Swiss) and 15’000 Gray (German)

This event is part of the Zeitgeist DC Participatory Theater International Festival and Symposium.

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