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The Performer/Audience Relationship: Politics, Intimacy, and the Barriers Between Private and Public

Zeitgeist DC

Monday, 12 May 2014, 11 am – 6 pm
Georgetown University, Davis Performing Arts Center, Gonda Theatre (37th & O Sts NW)
No charge
+ 1 (202) 289-1200
Love and Revolution (c) Kemal Aslan
Love and Revolution (c) Kemal Aslan
This symposium will alternate between planned audience integrative techniques and experiments led by visiting artist teams and reflective response sessions. Visiting experts from MerciMax, God's Entertainment and machina eX and local theater artists from dog & pony dc will give interactive presentations of their audience integrative techniques. Reflective response discussions will be facilitated by Derek Goldman, Michael Rohd, and Rachel Grossman.

Sabine Heymann (Managing Director, Center for Media and Interactivity, Giessen, Germany) will speak on Urban Performances: The Intersection between Art and Politics, introducing different aspects of this cultural phenomenon with several video examples (from Russia’s Pussy Riot to Turkey’s Standing Man).

Download SymbolSabine Heymann's lecture "Urban Performances: The Intersection between Art and Politics" (PDF)
Download SymbolVideo links related to the lecture (PDF)

Additional Participants:
Michael Rohd, Artistic Director, Sojourn Theater, and Founder, The Center for Performance and Civic Practice
Sabine Heymann, Center for Media and Interactivity, University of Giessen, Germany
Rachel Grossman, Ring Leader, dog & pony dc, with other company members
Laura Schaeffer, Philip Steimel, machina eX, Berlin, Germany
Jessica Huber, Karin Arnold, Mischa Robert, MerciMax, Zurich, Switzerland
Simon Steinhauser, Boris Ceko, representatives, God’s Entertainment, Vienna, Austria
Derek Goldman, The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Georgetown University
Natsu Onoda Power, Assistant Professor of Theater and Performance Studies, Georgetown University
Serge Seiden, Producing Director, Studio Theatre, Washington, DC
Drew Lichtenberg, Gus Heagerty, Nathanael Johnson, Artistic Staff, The Shakespeare Theatre Company, Washington, DC

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This event is part of the Zeitgeist DC Participatory Theater International Festival and Symposium.

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