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In Washington, the Goethe-Institut places a special emphasis on electronic media projects (using the internet, radio, television) on behalf of all the institutes in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba.More ...

Germans in America (TV and DVD series)

On the trail of German emigrants to America. From the Mennonites of the 17th Century by way of impoverished farmers in the 18th century, political refugees of the failed 1848 Revolution, to the exiles of the 20th century, these programs tell the stories of exemplary destinies of German families and what became of them in their new homeland.More ...

Who Are We and Who Are You?

Bild GesellschaftThe Goethe-Institut Washington invited students and young film-makers in the United States and Germany to present how they see themselves and one another. Videos from the 2007 joint screening are online below.

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Independent Filmmaking in Germany: the German Public Broadcasting System

The German public broadcasting system (television, radio, online) is extensive and can be a good starting point when looking for co-production partners for independent film productions here in the US.

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Independent Filmmaking in Germany: Film Commission Funding

Film commission funding is another option when looking for co-production partners for independent film productions here in the US.More ...

Everywhere You Look: A Virtual Tour of German-American Sites in Washington, DC   deutschenglish

Learn the history of our buildings and the people associated with them.

Goethe-Institut USA

Learn more about the activities of the Goethe-Institut in the USA !


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Transatlantic Outreach Program

Resources on Modern Germany for K-12 Social Studies Educators in the US and Canada.