Glaciers are dying, but they are not doing so quietly. The Glacier Music project of the Goethe Institutes in Tashkent and Almaty uses the sounds and powerful emotional image of melting glaciers as source of inspiration for festivals, open calls, concerts, sculpture, video and sound installations. The project actively promotes the exchange between science and arts and creates awareness about the human-induced deterioration of our pristine environment. The project also reaches out to students through tailored education materials and exhibitions.


Glacier Music Festival in Central Asia: 18 May to 16 June 2013

In May and June 2013, the Glacier Music project sponsored a highly successful multimedia Festival in Bishkek, Dushanbe, Almaty and Tashkent, featuring music, sound art, and sculpture as well as science and debate. The Glacier Music Festival celebrated the award-winning works of the Open Call, and brought together Central Asian and international artists in a series of exhibitions and workshops. More ...


Zoja Falvova Overall Winner of the Open Call

On June 10, an international jury announced the overall winner of contest: young artist Zoya Falkova, Kasachstan from Kazakhstan. Ms. Falkova received the award for her “Orchestra of Melting Glaciers“. Ms. Falkova’s work consisted of an interactive light and sound installation highlighting the human contribution to glacier melt. More ...

    Glacier Music HKW Berlin


    Artyom Kim and Lillevan at the Festival der Unmenschlichen Musik

    On 24 February 2013, the Glacier Music project went on stage at the Festival der Unmenschlichen Musik. Artyom Kim and Lillevan transformt he “cool sound” of the melting of the glaciers of Central Asia into a requiem to the glacier that premiered at the Festival in Berlin. More ...

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    Festival “Unmenschliche Musik”
    Konferenz: Usbekische Studenten FOTO: Peter Hübert


    “The Melting of Glaciers: Insights and Expressions of a Global Phenomena”

    On January 21-22nd, 2013, the Goethe Institute Tashkent hosted an international conference, The Melting of Glaciers: Insights and Expressions of a Global Phenomena. The conference was held in the Uzbek National Library and brought together nearly 100 scientists, artists and environmental activities. More...

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      Recordings in 3500 m height: In late July, highly sensitive microphones were taken into the crevasses of the Tujuksu glaciers close to Almaty to record the sounds of melting glaciers. Artists and journalists from Central Asia and Europe accompanied the expedition.