2012 / 2013

07/24 - 07/27/2012

Expedition to the Tujuksu glacier

Highly sensitive microphones were carried into the crevasses of the Tujuksu glacier to record the melting glacier. Central Asian and European artists and journalists joined the expedition. More ...

09/10 - 09/25/2012

Climate change and everyday life
Symposiums in Central Asia

The aim of the symposiums taking place in Tashkent, Dushanbe, Almaty and Bishkek is to develop a new language of communication about environmental disasters and their impacts on our everyday lives. More ...

From 09/13/2012

Open Call: competition for multimedia artists

The public invitation is for multimedia artists from Central Asia. Taking the recordings as a basis, they are asked to create new pieces of arts or compositions. The call will take place in August. Further workshops on the topic will take place in September.

09/15 - 09/26/2012

Opening concerts:
Multimedia sound installations

“Glacier Music” will be introduced by four multimedia sound installations. The concerts will be performed by the Uzbek orchestra Omnibus, led by Artyom Kim and the German multimedia artist Lillevan. Traditional musicians from each country will accompany the performances in each location with their own improvisations.


Open Call: Jury-Sitzung

At the beginning of November, the jury nominates the winning projects, which were submitted by the end of October. The best projects will be professionally presented in January 2013.

01/21 - 22/2013

Climate and Culture
International Conference Tashkent

An international, scientific-artistic conference with the main topics “Environment” and “Glaciers” will take place in Tashkent with German participants and participants from the four central Asian countries. More ...


In ihrem interaktiven Film Gletscherstimmen beleuchten die Autoren Tobias Hülswitt und Gunther Kreis die Themen Gletscherschmelze und Klimawandel in Zentralasien. Mehr...

TV-SymbolCartoons by Nicolas Journoud