Meka Muratova and Nikolaj Tscherkasov

School of contemporary art ArtEast

Previous shows:
2010 – “Dead“ Installation, 2010, Bishkek, KyrgyzstanBishkek, Kirgisistan
2010 – “Frunze“ Video Art, „Vkl/VkL“ Austellung in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
2011 – “Save Willy“, Installation, video art, Munich, Germany

The project „Alone“/«Naedine» consists of an enormous piece of wax presenting a ceiling-height glaciers. The glaciers will have integrated wicks converting the glacier in a gigantic candle that slowly burns during the exhibition. The burning will be accompanied by glacier sounds. The candles will create a sacral atmosphere. Candles are used in monasteries, during romantic encounters and esoteric rituals. Candles often imply loneliness. The feelings confronting glaciers are similar: you are lonely, even in the presence of others. The loneliness contains at the same time the feeling of the presence of the glacier. The vision of the melting glaciers reminds of the slow decay and eventual death of somebody close, old and great.

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