Glacier Music Festival in Central Asia: 18 May to 16 June 2013


02 June to 04 June 2013
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Almaty’s Arsan Baths provided impressive and thematically appropriate scenery for the Glacier Music Festival. This imposing building, with its multitude of Turkish and Russian baths and saunas, served as the Festival venue over a long weekend in June 2013. The exhibition and performances diverted visitors from their originally intended bath visits and created a platform for conversations and encounters among visitors, scientists, artists and curators. 

The Festival program combined scientific dialogue with a comprehensive program for a young audience. Germany’s Friedrich-Ebert Foundation organized an expert dialogue on “Mountains and Glaciers in a Changing Climate / A Change in Consciousness in the Population”, which was held between representatives from the Geographic Institute Almaty and CAREC, among others. Kazakh artist Yevgeny Jaboblev and French illustrator Nicolas Journoud organized a cartoon workshop for teenagers. Asya Tulesova and Aisha Dschandossova, founders of the environmental organization “Fond Common Sense” presented their bicycling project “Wheels of Energy” and the grassroots action “Apple Hero”. An extraordinary and topical film program complemented the Festival’s live programme.

In the context of the Glacier Music exhibition, the internationally renowned artist Erbossyn Meldibekov drew a great deal of interest and attention with his sculptures on “Revolution in the Mountains”.

The acoustic highlight of events in Almaty was the Sound Space created by Andi Teichmann and Alois Spaeth with video art by Lillevan.
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