Glacier Music in Germany

The music of the Central Asian glacier sounded in autumn 2014 in North Rhine-Westphalia.  Central Asian and German artists were involved in this creative combination of exhibition and concert: Jerbosyn Meldibekow, curator Dastan Koschachmetow, media artist Lillevan, musicians Robert Lippok and Askhat Shetigen. From the end of September until the beginning of October, the artists visited Hagen and Duisburg in order to present the international project “Glacier Music” of the Goethe-Institutes in Almaty and Tashkent to the conference participants.

Jerbosyn Meldibekow showed his  exhibition “The Ice of Melikades” on September 30th in the town hall in Hagen, in which he presented a piece of glacier ice to more than 200 participants who took part in the third cultural conference on “Climate and Culture” in the Ruhr Area. This exhibited ice was the result of his exhibition to Putin Peak in Kyrgyzstan which Meldibekow organized in summer 2014. Like the merry Melkiades from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ novel “One hundred Years of Solitude” travelling with a piece of ice to remote villages and presenting it to the people as one of the wonders of the world, Meldibekow brought the ice installation from a small country to the big world. In allusion “Peak Putin”, the name of the summit, Meldibekow remarked ironically “Don’t allow Putin’s empire to melt.”

Media artist Lillevan from Germany presented his video installation “Glacier Music” with unusual sounds on the conference in Hagen in which representatives of theaters, museums, cultural initiatives and different social and political institutions participated. Afterwards he and the former director of the Goethe-Institute Tashkent, Johannes Dal, presented the international project “Glacier Music”, describing its dynamic which provoked a lively discussion with the participants.

On October 2nd in Duisburg during the “Long Night of Science and Art”, media artist Lillevan and the musicians Robert Lippok and Askhat Shetingen participated in the concert “Glacier Music”. Here the sounds of electronic and traditional music were complemented with videos, raising the question: Why do glaciers cry and can human beings stop glacial melting or is this an inevitable process?

By participating in scientific and cultural events in Germany, Central Asian and German artists and musicians could discuss the problem of glacial melting together with experts and journalists.

Musician Robert Lippok
“The Ice of Melikades” in Hagen, artist Jerbosyn Meldibekow
Meeting in Duisburg: Media artist Lillevan, musician Robert Lippok and Askhat Shetigen

Goethe-Institut Kazakhstan