Open Call

Inna Sandler

Art College of the Republic Uzbekistan Ben’Kov

2010 – Solo show „Non-Correct Plays, Visages and Faces“, Gallery of Fine Arts, Uzbekistan
2011 – Participation in the Exhibition „Art-City“, Goethe Institute Tashkent
2011 – Participation in the VI. Biennale of Modern Arts, Tashkent „Spaces for Artists and Society“


Die Gletscherbeichte
The Confession of the Glacier. The project presents the Tujuksu glacier as living organism with soul and mind. The project shows the microcosm within the glacier. The sound files are based on the glacier sounds that are converted into rhythmic breathing. There is also a series of graphic (pictures of melting ice, of destroyed ice crystals). The accompanying text is written in the name of the glacier. All three elements of the work take us into the inner of the glacier and show what is hiding behind the apparent calmness of the glacier.

    Glacier Music Festival in Central Asia

    18 May to 16 June 2013

    In early summer 2013, the Glacier Music project sponsors festivals in Bishkek, Dushanbe, Almaty and Tashkent.

    IN.D Institute of Design

    International Private School of Design and Communication