Open Call

Alexej Filimonow

Kazakh National Academy of Arts

Previous shows:
2010 – Photo Exhibition in the Gallery „TENGRI-UMAJ“, „EkoEho", Goethe Institute
2010/2011/2012 – Exhibition as part of the Festival or Modern Arts: Open Air Contemporary Art, Photo, Sculture, Graphic, Video art
2012 – Video Art Festival, ReFormat, Molon Museum of Modern Art

Concept :
Life bubbles, ice melts. Ice is frozen water; water is life. Water is the basis for all life on our planet. Humans are made to 80 percent of water. Ice listens to our music. It archives our history. Ice is melting and water is covering the land. It engulfs the land. Ice turns into a time bombe. Static, majestic and silent. Bang. The bombe wins force. The ice bomb destroys cities and floods the continents. We have changed our planet like nothing else. The industrial emissions are without mercy. The ice is melting, the bombe triggered.

    Glacier Music Festival in Central Asia

    18 May to 16 June 2013

    In early summer 2013, the Glacier Music project sponsors festivals in Bishkek, Dushanbe, Almaty and Tashkent.

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