Review "Offline" by Ngo Thi Thanh

© Rat Pack Filmproduktion© Rat Pack FilmproduktionGenre: Comedy/Adventure | 87 minutes | Germany 2016
Age rating: from 12 years

Florian Schnell deals in a humorous but also critical way with the gaming addiction of young people. The biggest quest that protagonist Jan must win is not the battle against his virtual opponents, but overcoming his own limits in real life. Two are stronger than one – that applies to games as well as in real life. Thanks to the loyalty of two people to each other, thanks to their courage and their desire to play, good triumphs over evil in this film.
Ngo Thi Thanh teaches literature at a high school in Hanoi. Her favorite directors are Agnès Varda and Chris Marker. Ngo Thi Thanh finds inspiration in Jacques Rancière and in her friends.