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Kim Anno: Water City

06.07.2012 - 02.08.2012, opening 05.07.2012, 18H30
Water City is an exhibition of photography, video, and sculptural installation. The installation involves a paper city beach-front with a film projected into the space. The film was made in December 2011 (during COP 17) in Durban with young artists and actors, through the Bartel Arts Trust Center, arranged by curator and Wits lecturer, Gabi Ngcobo.

This work is part of a meta-work by Kim Anno which is called: Men and Women in Water Cities, a multi channel video and photography work about post sea level rise societies and trying to adapt to a watery world for those in port cities. Anno’s ambition has and continues to be filming in port cities in the US, Africa, Pacific Island Nations, Maldives, Doha, Qatar and other locations around the world. Using actors, non-actors and citizen participants, she is staging video works that reveals both the difficulties as well as the unexpected triumphs surrounding the lives of those who live on the coasts where sea level rise is expected.

In the Durban video, the participants are young people playing a new water sport that shows that leisure time remains important and urgent among youth in the watery city. The participants are wearing office worker clothing as people are expected to work and resume a, “productive life” in the face of disaster.

Walkabout before the opening on 5.7. at 14H00. Book launch of Politics of Climate Justice by Patrick Bond, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal at 16H00.

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