To Repel Ghosts © Delphine Jaquet
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To Repel Ghosts

Written and directed by Philippe Lacôte
Language: Nouchi / French
Subtitles: English

During a visit to Abidjan, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat comes face to face with demons, ghosts, doubt - and his own death.

On 12 August 1988, Jean-Michel Basquiat passed away. Nevertheless, his memory remains very much alive. This film pays homage to him by telling the unknown story of his trip to the Ivory Coast. Basquiat arrived in Abidjan at a time when he was exhausted. Haunted by his ghosts. All his hope lay in this first encounter with Africa…

Philippe Lacote © Delphine Jaquet

Directed by Philippe Lacôte

Lacôte started his professional career as a radio reporter in 1989 with a series of podcasts on the fall of the Berlin wall. Short fiction films followed; The Messenger and Affaire Libinski were shown in several international festivals. Alongside these he developed documentary work including Cairo Hours, and the acclaimed Chronicles of War in the Ivory Coast. He has just finished shooting his first feature film, Run, coproduced by Arte, which is the junction of his fiction and documentary approaches. Lacôte was part of the Cannes Film Festival’s Cinefondation programme.

Claire Gadea © Marie Landais

Produced by Claire Gadéa

Claire Gadéa started her career 15 years ago with Jacques Bidou as a production assistant. Since 2008, she has been working at Banshee Films as a producer. Claire Gadéa is currently producing Philippe Lacôte’s first feature film: Run.

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