Berea © Jonathan Kovel

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Directed by Vincent Moloi
Language: English
Subtitles: English

Alone in his high-rise apartment, Aaron Zukerman’s Berea is long gone, but the old man has one last link to the here and now – a weekly visit from a beautiful stranger.

Long after his friends and family have moved on, Jewish pensioner Aaron Zukerman remains in his inner-city apartment, his world getting ever smaller and smaller, as the city closes in on his memories and happiness. His focus is on a weekly assignation with a kindly prostitute, for which he prepares days in advance. But when her unexpected replacement arrives one Friday, an initially angry response sparks a chain of events that ultimately changes the way the old man sees his world. A gentle, poetic ode to the power of reinvention.

Vincent Moloi ©

Directed by Vincent Moloi

Vincent Moloi is primarily a documentary filmmaker, but has directed different drama series for TV. He studied Media Studies before cutting his teeth at the Soweto Community TV initiative. For the SABC he has made ground-breaking documentaries including A Pair of Boots and a Bicycle, profiling black South African soldiers in WWII; Nightsweepers, an earnest examination of women sweeping the streets of Johannesburg at night; I am A Rebel, about a South African author and Robben Island anti-apartheid prisoner turned anti-capitalist activist. With his African Metropolis inclusion Berea, he revisits themes of diminished power he first explored in Men of Gold, his 2007 documentary reflecting the contradictions of being poor, white, previously privileged and now disempowered in a post-apartheid world.

An interview with director Vincent Moloi

Makgano Mamabolo and Lodi Matsetela ©

Writer/Producer: Makgano Mamabolo

With a Bachelor’s Degree from the African school of Film and Dramatic Art, Makgano Mamabolo moves very comfortably from in front of the camera to behind the scenes as a producer, scriptwriter as well as an actress, while she is currently the Managing Director of Puo Pha Productions.

Writer: Lodi Matsetela

Writer, producer, director and partner at Puo Pha Productions. Drama school matriculant, advertising graduate, currently working towards her Masters in film at Howard University in Washington DC. Having worked mostly in television, Lodi, along with her production company, are delving into the development of feature films.
© Additional funders Berea

Additional funders

Berea was produced with the support of the Focus Features Africa First program, The Gauteng Film Commission of South Africa and The National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa.

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