Crystal Tettey


Crystal Tettey is a young graduate in Political Science and French. She loves to participate in poetry-slam debates and in her free time she enjoys singing and engages with human rights’ issues. At the moment she is an interpreter at Delta Audit. Her poetry slams incorporate problems young Africans are faced with.
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Nantenaina Ratsiandavana


Nantenaina Ratsiandavanathe, 20 years old, also named Nate, is a film and multimedia student. He is also a comedian with the company Miangaly. His poetry-slams incorporate aspects of life with which one is faced daily. For him, poetry-slams signify a special way of expressing himself and sharing his reality with others.
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Vony Ranala


Vony Ranala is a young poetry slammer, whose texts express human feelings in special situations. In her opinion, the human heart is first touched and she then tries to express these newly created feelings in her own words. The freedom and liberty she feels while presenting her slams are of particular importance to her. She discovered her passion for this kind of art during a competition of 10 words about francophonie (10 mots de la francophonie).


Thony, 25 years old, is a young French teacher in Itaosy. He has a marked preference for everything that has to do with literature. Thony can be described as a slam artist who gets his inspiration from his environment to broaden his horizons. Recently he won a team title on the occasion of SPIT (Slam Poesie Intercommunautaire de Tana). His future projects are concentrated on arts. He intends to write novels.


Benson, 22 years old, full name, Rakotonirainy Zafimahaleo Barry Benson, is a student of the French language at the École Normale Supérieure d´Antananarivo. The ability to express his freedom and originality fascinates him during the process of writing new texts for poetry slams. Benson’s talent was discovered at a competition in honor of Elly Rajaonarison, where he won and during a second competition for the right to democracy, where he placed second.
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Tilahimena Antonello Geraldi


At 29 years of age, Tilahimena Antonello Geraldi, also called TagmanNamgat, is one of the most experienced poetry-slammers of this competition. In 2010 he placed first during the national slam competition, in the same year he gained the prize for third place in the international poetry-slam competition. During the same year he placed second in the competition “Coupe de l´Océan Indien”. The variety of his texts is particularly surprising to jurors. In his opinion, poetry-slam opens new perspectives and he tries to share the merits and challenges of intercultural exchanges with his fellow poetry slammers.
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Crystal Tettey Nantenaina Ratsiandavana Vony Ranala
Thony Benson Tilahimena Antonello Geraldi