Mpho Khosi


Born in 1982 in Orlando East, Soweto, Mpho Khosi draws his inspiration from his surroundings and the blues. He was introduced to poetry in grade 4 and, initially just a writer, he started performing in 2011. He has performed on various stages including WORDnSOUND, House of Hunger, and Likwid Tongue. He self-published two anthologies: Portraits of Propaganda (2006) is a co-publication with visual artist Frank Manakane; Quietly Loud (2012) describes his work and growth and himself. Mpho considers himself more of a storyteller than a poet and his work echoes his own inner voice.
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As a bass player for various bands, Roche Du Plessis started writing poetry at the age of 15 with the intention of using his work as lyrics for a future band. More recently, however, hip hop and the spoken word scene have helped him dust off his lyric sheets and get back into writing. He is involved with poetry collectives such as House of Hunger, Gold Peanuts, Likwid Tongue and WORDnSOUND. Through poetry, he conveys concern for topics that the public is kept blind to. He is not entirely political, but does address issues that matter, while touching on subjects that remind us of our humanity and the importance of individuality. He aims to make his writing extend as far as possible.
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Tumelo Khoza


Tumelo Khoza is a spoken word artist based in Durban. She is not afraid of speaking the truth when politics are concerned. However, she also writes about matters of the heart, society, gender differences, and equality, exploring the vivid varieties of language. Tumelo is co-founder of Cup O’ Thought, a performance platform in Durban. She has been featured at a number of festivals like Poetry Africa, Grahamstown National Arts Festival, and the Ordsprak Festival in Sweden.
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Ayanda Lushaba


Ayanda Lushaba, known as Juba, was born and raised in Inanda, Durban, and was mentored at the Keen Artist Theatre. Juba tells the stories of his life to encourage introspection within his listeners and to remind them to never be ashamed of the experiences that forged their being. He was introduced to slam poetry in 2010 and has performed at Poetry Africa, Durban. In Durban he sharpens his talent at different poetry movements like Cup O’ Thought, Pen and Tongue, Gimme 10 Mics and Muted Lips.
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Siza Nkosi


Siza Nkosi is a poet, lyricist, guitarist, and mother who was born and raised in Soweto. She derives her passion for creatively playing with words from nature and real-life situations and experiences. In 2007 she was one of the finalists in the International Poet of the Year competition. She performed at the SANAA Festival, the Jozi Spoken Word Festival, the Soweto Arts Festival and Polokwane’s 1st Literary Festival. She is currently an instrumental member of the Mo Faya Poetry collective and one of the organisers of Poetry Night at Moyo’s in Johannesburg.
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Dineo Rasedile


Dineo Rasedile, also known as Dee, is a poet and performing artist originally from Mpumalanga who is currently studying Musical Theatre. She began writing in 2008, using her love for literature not only as a means of expression but also as a tool to bring awareness to social and political ills. In 2011, she joined Penseed Poets in Pretoria. She was also part of Word Shape Articulate, an event hosted in Mpumalanga, and has taken part in the WORDnSOUND. She has been published in the anthology Shifting Paradigms – The Psalms of My Time in 2012. Dee’s work is rooted in her spirituality and has been described as hard-hitting and moving.
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Noel Kabelo Ringane


Pretoria’s Noel Kabelo Ringane, also known as KB (‘kilobyte’), is a final year civil engineering student at the University of Pretoria. KB has been writing poetry for 10 years. His unique style has enabled him to become a force to be reckoned with on the Jo’burg stages. He has been seen at WORDnSOUND, House of Hunger, and Penseed Poets and has also performed in Zimbabwe. KB is working on compiling a performance poetry book to be released after winter to bring the heat back.
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Sbu Simelane


Sbu is a poet based in the city of gold, Johannesburg, South Africa, and is also known as Cornelius Jones. Sbu started writing poetry in 2006, inspired by how language can be composed in such a way that is logical, inspiring and relevant. Given that he started off as a rap artist (though he no longer pursues this), one can easily pick up the rap traits in his work. In his poetry, he addresses a variety of situations, such as social and political issues, love, and relationships. He also writes about spirituality and internal conflicts, inspired by the ghetto, his peers, family, dreams and society as a whole. He has performed at WORDnSOUND and House of Hunger in Johannesburg.
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