Ludmila dos Santos © Rita Soares


was born on November 12, 1980. She is known in the arts scene as Poeta La rouge (“the red one”). She studied architecture and urban planning and takes part in a radio program that addresses the career and music of the Beatles, on channel 95.5 (lac). In 1999 she began to compose short verses, and in 2006 she started to recite poetry in the Bahia space (Artes ao Vivo or “Live Arts”), an artistic movement that has been in existence since 2004. Since then, she has not ceased to take the stage. She writes various types of texts (chronicles, poetry, spoken word, hip-hop lyrics, and children’s literature). Like any artist, she aims to publish her work, but she has not set a publication date. She enjoys several styles of music, especially hip-hop, which motivates her to write many of her poems.
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Bari da Silva © Adilson Bacelar


was born in Luanda. He is a former journalist and currently works as a sound technician and operator for TPA, channel 1. He loves poetry and freestyle spoken word and has been active since the early 90s, having participated in various local events. After many years, he recently identified himself as a spoken-word artist. He loves cinema, rap music, and reggae. His dream is to help make the world a lot more human. His current projects include the production of a “rustic” DVD with some scenes he enjoys.
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Kialunga Afonso © Adilson Bacelar

Kialunga Afonso

whose artistic name is Kapa o Poeta (Kapa the Poet), was born in the city of Uíge in 1983. He emigrated to Portugal on a scholarship, and there he studied Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation at Universidade Lusófona. His interest in writing arose as a response to the need to share the feelings he had inside on paper. His thoughts, when they burst forth, were already filled with rhyme, color, luster, and rhythm. It made sense to record them in their original form on the white page. And thus was born Kapa the Poet. He is a regular in literary spaces where he hones the art of the spoken word. He has published a work entitled Esperança – Um Romance Contado em Verso (Hope – A Novel in Verse) and is currently the general coordinator of Movimento Berço Literário (the Literary Cradle Movement).
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Ermildo Panzo © Adilson Bacelar

Ermildo Saraiva Panzo (PANZO POETA)

was born in Caxito in 1990. He is a second-year Electrical Engineering student at Instituto Superior Politécnico de Tecnologias e Ciências (Superior Polytechnic Institute of Technology and Science). He is an artist, set designer, lighting technician, dancer, and choreographer, as well as a make-up artist for the performing arts, interior decorator, and stage actor. He began to breathe poetry in 2003. He had a dream and decided to start working with his gifts. He would write poems and post them on the windows of the school he attended. He was inspired by the poems and various literary works of Luís de Camões. He joined the Literary Cradle Movement where he remains to this day as a “Reciting Poet” and where he is also events coordinator.
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Pedro Belgio © Adilson Bacelar


was born in the 1980s in Luanda, and from an early age he was encouraged to take part in the arts scene thanks to his family’s habit of attending music performances. He is also known as Bélgio Cupido due to the love letters he would write on his friends’ behalf. Miguel Pedro is an Anthropology student, teacher, activist, and social educator. In 2009, after four years as Pedro Belgio Theater Group, feeling the need to develop other art forms, he created the Pedro Belgio Arts Collective. The latter emerged from the need to guide youth from poor neighborhoods to revitalize their civic, moral, and cultural values. He is a reciting poet who expresses his virtual, fictitious, and real experiences through written verbal communication and through the spoken word, like griots and marimba players.
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Armindo Paim © Adilson Bacelar


was born in Luanda in 1981. He is a jurist, a member of the Angolan Table Tennis Association, the Vice-President of the NGO Poets Alliance Club, and a writer. He is co-presenter of the poetry event on Tuesdays, atEspaçoBaía, where he presented his first poetic concert in December of 2011. He comes from an essentially artistic family, with the likes of Prado Paim, Eduardo Paim, and NeloPaim, from whom he got the inspiration for the art of poetry. He is working on a project to produce a Poetic Album titled “ArmindoPaim, between Poems and Prose.”
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Gabriel Rosa © Adilson Bacelar


was born in Luanda in 1994. He began his artistic career as a reciter at São João Cinema; in 2007, he spent some time in the theater group “Gesta Arts and Letters” and in the ballroom and folkloric dance group “oba-dance.” In 2010, he joined the literary movement “Lev’arte” where he goes by the name that was given to him by his colleagues, “Gabriel the Angel Poet,”for the way he would captivate the audience through art. In May of 2012 he moved from Lev’arte to the Viennese Literary Movement (MLV), where he uses the literary pseudonym Man-gaby Lyric Poet. He has texts in MLV’s anthology of poetry, which will be published next year. Man-gaby has recited poetry in almost every venue in the city of Luanda.
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Miguel Major © Adilson Bacelar


penname of Miguel Bengue, was born in Luanda in 1981. He holds a technical degree in Topography from the Technical Institute of Cartography of Angola, a bachelor’s degree in African Languages and Literature from the College of Liberal Arts of Universidade Agostinho Neto. He is a member of Café Cultural, where he has been reciting poetry for four years, making appearances in various events of Café Cultural, Poetry Around the Fire, Live Arts, the Literary Cradle, and in the shows of Angola’s public television network.
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Elisangela Rita© Rita Soares


is a young Luandan who grew up and studied, in both the personal and academic realms, in Pretoria, South Africa. From a very early age, she showed a passion for writing, always taking part in literary competitions. From being editor of the school newspaper to having some of her work published in her university’s bulletin, Liz’s path has been defined by her exposure to the cultural diversity of South Africa, a factor that is clear in her work. Rita uses poetry as a voice for her dreams, feelings, and ideals. She is mainly inspired by the metamorphoses of life and she delights herself in the power of words and the magic of trying to represent the immaterial world on the page. She began to recite poems in poetry circles at the University of Pretoria, and in Luanda she has shared the stage with great poetic talents in the Live Arts and Lev’Arte movements.
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Katya dos Santos © Adilson Bacelar

Katya Kalisia Mendes dos Santos

(aged 27) was born in Luanda. She is fascinated by Architecture (completing degree program). She loves art, a fact that motivates her to dabble in many artistic fields, especially photography and painting. “I awoke the genie of poetry in my teens.” She states that for her it was easier to express and/or demonstrate her feelings through writing, drawing, and manual work. In October of 2008, she joined the movement Lev’Arte Angola. She is a dreamer with her feet on the ground. She is creative, with a deep longing for change, lazy, rather immersed in the physical comfort, but also one of the greatest mental discomforts, which is the comfort zone, and she is motivated by her countless daily activities.
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