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Malongte Ndombi Alice Grace, aka Black Alice or simply Black A, is a spoken word artist hailing from the Littoral Region. Born in 1994 in Bafoussam, this art lover discovered spoken word art in 2012. An undergraduate student studying Human Rights at the Catholic University, she is a humanist at heart whose aim is to defend the cause of people oppressed by the "System" through her committed pieces. Black A has already been able to showcase her talents on stage through performances at the Ongola Slam Café, the CCF (French Cultural Centre) Music Festival (2012), the 2012 edition of "Salon du livre de Yaoundé" (Yaoundé Book Fair), and the "Dis-moi dix mots" contest in 2013.
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Abah Mvongo Clemence Danielle, better known as Dannielle Orleanne, is a student in Political Science. Her debut in poetry dates back to 2004, but she only became involved in spoken word art in 2011. A rather reserved person, she uses her passion for literature as a means of "expression and awareness-raising" because she believes in the power of words.
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Born in 1977 in France, Etienne Romeo Magloire Eben Essian is an artist, singer and comedian. In 1998, he underwent a one-year training at the Centre d'Apprentissage Théâtral in Yaoundé, owned by the comedian Daniel Ndo. Etienne Eben then joined the DIBEN Theatre Company (run by France Ngo Mbock). In 2006, he was third in the song category of Cabarets Francophones. In 2007, within the DIBEN Theatre Company, he won the first prize in theatre. He also portrays various characters in a sitcom aired on TV5 titled "Y-a des Gens qui est Cons". In 2011, Etienne Eben co-founded the group Pa2nem and embarked on spoken word art which would very quickly become a new form of expression for him.
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Le Charly ©


Wassing Charles, aka Le Charly, born 1990 in Koutaba, Cameroon, studies Earth and Universe Sciences at the University of Yaoundé I. Unconsciously, and at an early age, he discovered that he had a knack of the art of speaking and entered the world of spoken word. Building on performances with Les Brasseries du Cameroun, he created his own artistic identity: Le Charly "Petit garçon d’Afrique". He has been involved with singing groups (YUM) and Rap groups (RED ZONE). In 2012, he joined Ongola Slam Café, a group of spoken word artists at the French Institute, and quickly became the youngest spoken word workshop manager. Le Charly would like to establish himself as a modern-day griot.
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Lydol, born Nwafo Dolly Sorel in 1994 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Lydol (anagram of Dolly) is a student of Economic Sciences at the University of Yaoundé II. In 2010, she was the national winner in the Spoken Word category of Challenge Vacances. This marked the beginning of a special love for this art form and Lydol did an increased number of performances, first at school, then in local cabarets and performance halls: Urban village, la Tanière , French Cultural Centre (CCF), etc. In 2013, she won the first edition of the "Ressort Jeunes Talents" competition. Lydol's art bears a peculiar tint of melancholy. A member of both La Phrase Slam and Ongola Slam Café, she is a music, theatre, arts and football fan.
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Marah M ©


Marah M, born Tchondo Ngana Steve Roland Martial in Douala in 1992, hails from a small village in the Centre Region of Cameroon called Edzendouan. In 2000, he started as a rap artist and singer. A few years later he registered at the Artist Training Institute (IFA) of Mbalmayo where he studied plastic arts. At the same time, he was involved with various groups of spoken word artists of Yaoundé (Lapraz Slam, La caserne d'Ali bavard, Ongola Slam Café...) and finally decided to establish himself as a spoken word artist. His art is an objective portrayal of society and the musical harmony that flows from it is just the sublime result of his rap and singing influences which define the originality of his art.
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Penko ©


Enowkpen Nkonghoetaka “Penko” (born 1986) is a poet, recording artist and writer widely known for his strong poetic expression and creative writing skill. A university graduate in Political Science, he also functions as communication agent for KHAL!LAND , an experimental art space in Yaoundé. His poetry hails from the street, and he bases his writings and expressions from daily happenings and issues plaguing world progress and Africa in particular. Penko has been writing poetry for over 10 years and in the domain of music, he recently put up the ‘Fam Project’ which stands as a platform to expose young and emerging artists like himself. His first major performance came up in 2012 with a multi-disciplinary performance at the Goethe-Institut Kamerun.
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r 'N ©

r 'N

Rodrigue Ndzana, better known as r’N, was born in 1982 in Douala, Cameroon. Originally an author, this artist discovered the world of spoken word art in 2010 through a movement known as La Phrazslam. The same year, he won the Coca-Cola Slam Academy prize and founded N’da slam, a group of artists aiming at promoting the art of spoken word. After having published his first book, "Je t’aime en splash" in 2009, a second one is currently in the making. r’N gives spoken word performances on a regular basis. In parallel, he manages spoken word workshops as well as other spoken word-related activities, such as lending a helping hand to various movements and also ensuring the continuity of N'da slam.
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Mufor Eric Atangana aka Sentury Yob was born in 1988. He is a poet, rapper, writer, photographer and graphic designer. Sentury merges sound poetry with photography, relating it to a story that could get a start and a finish point. He works at KHAL!LAND, an experimental art space in Yaoundé. In 2009, he participated in an audio visual performance at the Goethe-Institut with the KHAL!LAND crew (Em’kal, Nitayanday Bramachari, Divin William, Alima, stone karim mohamad), titled “The sun is the moon revisited”. Between 2011 and 2012, he was part of the organising team for “180min at the shrine” which is a regular spoken word event organised @ KHAL!SHRINE. In 2012, he took part in the performance “Liquefied” at the Goethe-Institut.
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Stone ©


Spoken word artist and photographer Stone Karim Mohamad was born Brice Romuald Mbasse in 1987 in Avebe village on the Cameroon-Gabon border. Very early, he developed an interest in music, started playing the piano and began to write novels. In 2005, he was awarded “Prix de la meilleur nouvel” by CREPLA (Centre Régional de Promotion et d'Edition du Livre en Afrique). Two years later he founded the spoken work collective La PhrazSlam and started organising workshops in Cameroon and abroad. He later on added photography to his practice. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts. Recently, he has participated in photography and spoken word events in Haiti and Senegal, and was artist in residence at Petit Pierre, Dakar in 2011.
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