Rebekka Agbono-Puntigam

Why did you now kiss me? A black-white love story

Rebekka Agbono-Puntigam
Berlin: Edition dià Verlag, 1995
174 S.
ISBN 3860341405

The author's autobiographical book is published under a pseudonym and describes an 'African -Experience' in Austria in the 1990s: The first-narrator is in her mid-30 and lives alone as a bookseller and traveller to publishing houses in an appartment in an old building which she inherited from her father. As a good client she offers to admit her Nigerian friend, Emeka, as subtenant, restrains herself severely at the beginning. She sees it as two demanding to share her appartment with a stranger, yet she finally gives in however. Through personal contact the mistrust and curiosity changed into a mutual affection which finally ends in marriage.

Puntigam's narration has less action in the conventional sense; it is made up essentially of Dialogues concerning every day relation and cultural differences, about the life in Australia and Nigeria. Ironically and with much humour the first-narrator describes the misunderstanding and confusion which are traced back to socialisation and false expectation. The title of the novel signifies that not only the African but also the European, this case the Austrian culture becomes questionable so that a broad intercultural dialogue arises.

Rebekka Agbono-Puntigam:
Warum hast Du mich jetzt geküsst?
Eine schwarz-weiße Liebesgeschichte
(Why did you now kiss me? A black-white love story)

Puntigam's autobiography describes an African Experience, which does not take place in Africa but in Europe.More ...