Hanna Schott

Tuso: A True Story from Africa

Hanna Schott (Text)
Franziska Junge (Illustrationen)
Leipzig: Klett, 2009
91 S.
ISBN 978-3-941411-06-7

Tuso and his older brother Daudi, live with their aunt in a village at the foot of Kilimanjaro. The aunt does not treat her two nephews well. One night, Daudi decides to leave for the town along with Tuso. They make their way to the closest city. While Daudi distracts a vendor, Tuso steals something to eat for the first time in his life: two small bags of peanuts. In the milling crowd around the station, Tuso loses his brother. Only four years old, he has to learn how to survive on his own in the streets of Tanzania. He travels through several towns and even makes it all the way to Nairobi, which he doesn't like because there are too many children living on the street. In Dar es Salaam, he is locked up in a supermarket and subsequently spends a "night in Paradise". He is not completely on his own, however: in the course of the story, the stray dog Doa becomes his faithful companion. In spite of the blows of Fate, Tuso's luck never runs out and in the end he finds Jutta and "the sister" who run a boarding school and offer him a new home.

Recommended for children of six and older.

Hanna Schott:
Tuso: Eine wahre Geschichte aus Afrika
(Tuso: A True Story from Africa)

The children's biography of the young boy Tuso, could also be regarded as a "children's report" since the author, Hanna Schott got to know him during a visit to Tanzania through Angelika Wohlenberg about whom she has written two books: Mama Masai and Steppenkinder.More ...