Lena Blaudez

Colour Filter. Ada Simon in Douala.

Lena Blaudez:
Zürich: Unionsverlag, 2006
275 S.
ISBN 9-783-2930-0357-6

The German photographer Ada Simonist is invited to a conference on tropical timber in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. International business men and experts in the timber industry convene in a dilapidated castle, previously an institution for the mentally disabled.

Here Ada encounters not only the strange Mr Pompöse, but also a man whom she had already noticed in Cameroon, where she had travelled for a photo reportage on tropical timber. The environmental activist Pierre Bernard, who lives in Cameroon, had been recommended to her as expert. He, however, disappeared without a trace. While looking for him, Ada is accused of the murder of a Polish monk and so is denied the right to leave Cameroon.

Ada decides to investigate the background of this murder on her own. She defies several threats and with the help of friends discovers an international syndicate, which conducts illegal trade with Cameroon’s valuable resources, tropical timber, diamonds and art, and most importantly with coltan, which is indispensible for the production of mobile phones.

Ada soon realizes that these ruthless criminals have little regard for human life. The trail of blood, that she follows, seems to have something to do with the mysterious man who - seemingly coincidental - keeps on crossing her path. What is this man now suddenly doing in the German town of Mecklenburg?

Lena Blaudez: Farbfilter (Colour Filter)

The detective novel Farbfilter (“Colour filter”) is, like the author’s previous novel – Spiegelreflex – about the adventures and impressions of the photographer Ada Simon, who – as indicated in both titles – perceives the world through the lens of her camera.More ...