Luisa Francia

Fool's Gold 

Luisa Francia:
Löhrbach: Werner Pieper & The Grüne Kraft, 2004
129 S.
ISBN 3-922708-35-8

Luisa Francia's Novel designated in the subtitle as "Okocrimes" takes place in Mali. Alex Felder, the first narrator, is a children's book author and mourns over the death of her partner husband Otto. Otto, who is a private detective by profession, lost his life in Cairo on trying to carry out a commission. To divert her attention (from the death of her husband) as well as to help Otto's partner, Paul, who didn't want to give up the detective mission, Alex was persuaded to fly to Mali so as to help Paul with a new case: she had to search for the son of a rich French businessman, who took part in the Paris - Dakar rally and who, somewhere in northern Mali disappeared without a trace.

Reluctantly she travels to Mali and had great problems at the beginning with the harshness of the climate, the poverty and the misery on the streets. Soon however she is fascinated with the Sahel land, the warmth and friendliness of its people.

With their help, Alex finally finds the corpse of the young man in a deserted region in the middle of the desert, near a secret drilling place for uranium. As it later turns out, the drilling place belongs to Rene's father Gaillard, Alex Felder's employer. He is a scrupulous businessman, who in the pursuit of his interest in Africa, is not frightened of even death. The violent expulsion of a whole village with which the novel begins goes into his account as well as the assassination of his own son: He was killed by a German foreign legion, who guards the secret drilling depot. Alex Felder is equally taken as a prisoner, however she succeeds to escape. With the help of a Tuareg family she returns without being recognised to Bamako and clears up the case.

    Luisa Francia: Narrengold (Fool's Gold)

    Luisa Francia's criminal novel offers a thrilling and entertaining view of Africa, which breaks the unobtrusive and former attached classical Africa clichés.More ...