Wolfgang Lange

Africa – on no account!

Wolfgang Lange
Schkeuditz: GNN Verlag, 1999
144 S.
ISBN 978-3-89819-006-0
(Original paperback edition)

The work of Wolfgang Lange is a collection of stories recounting events which occur in Angola and Mozambique.

At the centre of the story titled "Warriors of King Gungunhane" is the character Godide who tergiversates between tradition and modernism. The story titled "Locomotives or Carts", thematizes the orientation problem that Mozambique has to adopt for its development. In the story "A journey to Inhambane" one reads about the bloody war between FRELIMO and RENAMO to accede to power. "The help of the militia man" unveils the corrupt custom system of Mozambique, meanwhile the story entitled "The heroes" shows how far child exploitation can reach. This prevailing situation of uncertainty in Mozambique does not spare the neighbouring Angola where UNITA and MPLA are tearing themselves apart in an atrocious civil war. It is with this harsh reality that Rolf and Wilfried, East German young men in military service who are working for the World Food Programme, are confronted.

    Wolfgang Lange: Afrika - auf keinen Fall!
    (Africa – on no account!)

    Lange's work poses this problematic issue through a German perspective. The presence of armed forces in Mozambique and Angola during the post-colonial period explains, according to the author, the reasons for the backwardness of these two countries.More ...