Norman Ohler

Ponte City

Norman Ohler
Reinbek bei Hamburg:
Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, 2002
253 S.
ISBN 3-499-22727-4
(Original paperback edition)
English translation:
Ponte City (David Philip, 2003)

At the end of the apartheid era young Lucy Tshabalala moves from Soweto to Johannesburg and finds herself in Ponte City, the unofficial landmark of the city. It is a 54 floor tower of flats full of hope and fear, allegedly the most dangerous high-rise in the world. There Lucy meets Umshlanga, a charming gangster who uses her to courier drugs to the US, with rather unfortunate consequences. Many years later she returns to Ponte City with Roman Kraner, a reporter for Hustler in Berlin who just wants to travel and to have some fun. But Lucy still has some unfinished business and suddenly they find themselves in a struggle for life and death.

    Norman Ohler: Stadt des Goldes (Ponte City)

    Ponte City is regarded as the unofficial landmark of Johannesburg. The huge round 54 floor storey tower of flats is crowned by a Coca Cola sign and hollow like a rotten tooth.More ...