Gerhard Seyfried


Gerhard Seyfried

Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, 2003
603 S.
ISBN 3-8218-0873-X
Paperback edition: Aufbau Taschenbuch Verlag, 2004

The Herero material came to Seyfried's attention while he was travelling in Namibia for the Goethe-Institut. He spent several years researching the lives of indigenous people and Germans in the colonies. Seyfried's "Herero", a tale of German settlers and generals and rebellious Hereros on the African plains, is set against the background of one of the darkest chapters of Germany's colonial past.

    Gerhard Seyfried: Herero

    Gerhard Seyfried's novel "Herero", published in the spring of 2003 attempts to rectify the injustices of the past.More ...