Uwe Timm


Uwe Timm
München: Bertelsmann, 1978
397 S.
ISBN 3-570-06415-8
Paperback edition:
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 2000
English Translation: Morenga (New Directions, 2003)

Rebellion in German South West Africa, the present day Namibia: the Hottentots, lead by Jakob Morenga, the "black Napoleon", are rebelling against their oppressors. Morenga, a former mineworker, and his tribe are fighting a guerrilla war which lasts from 1904 until 1907. Drifting along into the country with the German 'Schutztruppe' is a host of adventurers, crooks, missionaries and traders. They exchange glass beads for land, ostrich feathers for liquor, humbleness for Christianity and the whip for pride - all of this in the name of civilising the Africans.

Johannes Gottschalk, a veterinarian of the German colonial force, gets to see both sides: the officers' mess and the war camps, the African plains and the masses of African people. He experiences their misery and their rebellion and fights for his own moral survival.

    Uwe Timm: Morenga

    Uwe Timm's documentary novel "Morenga" is historically closely related to Seyfried's "Herero": the Nama uprising starts on the 4th October, only eight months after the Herero uprising.More ...