Democratic Republic of the Congo

Andrea Böhm: Gott und die Krokodile

Andrea Böhm has travelled extensively in the Congo; her thorough knowledge of the country lends great depth to her impressions. Bravely, she visited places that even experienced Africa correspondents avoid. Yes, she has indeed suffered from “Congo fever”: a brief depression followed by a vague sense of bewilderment that ordinary life can continue in such an insane context.

    Hans Christoph Buch: Kain und Abel in Afrika

    Hans Christopher Buch's novel, as he entitles it in the epilogue interlaces two historical levels which in a total of six chapters alternately and so far unexpected are placed against each other. The first part consists of documentary, diaryform records of three journeys to Rwanda and Zaire, the second of a literary autobiography of the african research worker, Richard Kandt.

      Anna Kuschnarowa: Kinshasa Dreams

      The prologue of the novel brings the reader to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where an ominous storm rages in the sky above the city. At the same time as the natural forces play in the sky, the protagonist Jengo Lengomba watches the light or rather the darkness of the world.

      Urs Widmer: Im Kongo

      The novel begins and ends in the democratic republic of Congo, the former Zaire of Mobutu, the dictator. The main character, Kuno, sits in the african jungle where he intends to write down his life history on an old Laptop within 3 days and 3 nights.

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