Rolf Ackermann: Die verschollene Karawane

The adventurer, Peter Föllmer, receives a part of a mysterious map from his friend, the former Franciscan monk, Charles Bahri. Shortly afterwards, Bahri dies a gruesome death. The search for the meaning of the map, takes Föllmer from Germany to Egypt, Venice and Lake Tana in Ethiopia.

Alex Capus: Munzinger Pascha

This first novel by Swiss author Alex Capus combines the true life story of the trader, explorer and adventurer Werner Munzinger of Olten with the fictional story of Max Mohn, a frustrated, local journalist from Olten.

Barbara Frischmuth: Vergiss Ägypten

It is the fifth time Valerie Kutzer flies to Egypt. She is going to visit her friend Lamis and to give lectures at the University of Cairo.

Fritz Wildhagen: Afrika kam durch die Luft

In 1907, the painter Fritz Wildhagen undertakes a journey to East Africa. The starting point of this determinative journey is Germany with final destination Mombassa via Port-Said, Zanzibar and Dar Es–Salaam. The journey of the artist, Wildhagen is consequent upon an invitation from the secretary in charge of colonial affairs Dernburg who expects Wildhagen to produce paintings of the African fauna and flora during the journey.

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