Dieter Bernd Blettenberg: Murnaus Vermächtnis

German-born Victor Voss, who struggles along as a tour guide in Ghana, sets out to Ho, a city in the south eastern Ghana, with one of his clients who passes himself off as Albin Grau. The pale and strange looking Grau reveals very little of himself and the exact reasons for their journey are also unknown to Voss.

Klaus Brinkbäumer: Der Traum vom Leben

In September 2005, when thousands of African migrants tried to storm the barbed wire fences around the Spanish enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta and were violently pushed back by Military and Police into the Moroccan desert, the journalist Klaus Brinkbäumer researched the background of these events for the Spiegel.

Thomas Fuchs: Akwaaba

For a mere 71 Euro the 16 year old Josephine bought the Ghanaian village Srafa on eBay and wants to give it to her sister Liv as a birthday gift. But Liv who is twelve years older than Josephine and a successful business woman with a hair salon, finds the gag silly and rejects the gift. Josephine on the other hand, who is interested in the sensational purchase, is harassed by the press.

    Marie-Thérèse Schins: Gloria und ihr roter Löwe

    14 year old Martha is a drug addict and works as a prostitute in Accra, the capital of Ghana. After a brutal rape by a tourist, she falls pregnant. With a young baby to care for and having to deal with the trauma of the abuse, the young girl is stretched beyond her capacity and leaves her baby on the sales tray of the sweets seller, Emilia.

      Annelies Schwarz: Akuabo - sei willkommen

      After finishing school in Germany, 17 year old Sonja travels to Ghana to get to know the country and its people. Her desire to make this journey is triggered by the stories and photographs of a doctor from Ghana she befriended. He also puts Sonja in contact with German nuns at the little mission hospital in Eikwe, close to Axim on the Ghanaian coast.

      Annelies Schwarz: Meine Oma lebt in Afrika

      It is more and more common to find children in Germany with one African parent. Often these children do not have the opportunity to visit an African country and they know very little about the African aspect of their identity. Motivated by a similar situation within her own family the author tells the story of ten year old Eric and his friend Flo who travel from Bremen to Ghana with Eric’s father to visit the African granny.

        Klaus Voswinckel: Die Nacht der Trommeln

        Klaus Voswinckel is a film maker, known for his sensitive film portraits of contemporary composers. These impressions of Ghana, too, resulted from a film about the drummer Ghanaba, who, under the name of Guy Warren, founded the Afro-Jazz genre together with Art Blakey and Charlie Parker in the USA in the 1950s.

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