Luisa Francia: Narrengold

Luisa Francia's Novel designated in the subtitle as 'Okocrimes' takes place in Mali. Alex Felder, the first narrator, is a children's book author and mourns over the death of her partner husband Otto. Otto, who is a private detective by profession, lost his life in Cairo on trying to carry out a commission.

    Wolfgang Herrendorf: Sand

    It is the year 1972. In Munich the Israeli Olympic team is attacked by the Palestine terror group “Black September”. In Africa Pan-Africanism is rising – with Lumumba from Congo as a leading figure.

    Michael Obert: Regenzauber

    Michael Obert spent seven months travelling along Africa’s third longest river, the Niger, entirely on his own – 4200 km, from its source along the crescent of the Niger in the Sahel to the delta in the Gulf of Benin. He crosses all kinds of obstacles, always aiming to sail the whole river from well to its mouth.

      Thomas Stangl: Der einzige Ort

      Two European travellers each undertake their own independent Africa expedition in the eighteen-twenties. Although different from each other, both are spirits of their time and of Europe with the same goal: to find the mythical city of Timbuktu in Mali and to enjoy the fame of being the first European to do so.

        Christof Wackernagel: Dieu est grand

        “Dieu est grand” describes Christof Wackernagel’s experiences in Bamako where he had decided to have his own “little dialogue of cultures”.

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