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Andrea Jeska: Simbabwe, Agonie oder Aufbruch?

Andrea Jeska reports of her travels to Zimbabwe, a country that has made negative news headlines since the expulsion of white farmers and the destruction of its economy. The life stories she recounts could not be more contradictory. They range from impoverished people in the slum of Mzilikazi to the dispossessed albeit wealthy white farmer Ben Freeth, to a white textile worker David Lasker who vows never to give up, to the success story of a new, black farmer Herbert Makuwa, to the fearless human rights advocate Beatrice Mtetwa and from the German priest Oskar Wermter to one of the last remaining Jews in Bulawayo, Hylton Salomon.

    Andrea Jeska: Lesereise Simbabwe

    Andrea Jeska is travelling to the most beautiful places and natural reserves of Zimbabwe. From the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls to the tourist station Vic Falls on the Zimbabwean side.

    Eberhard Knorr: Flucht nach Afrika

    Ann Gopal, an attractive young woman, is exasperated by the excessive sexual desires of the husband, the psychiatrist Kalinaw. That is why she leaves him and takes refuge at Orlando Andrey's, a friend of her husband leading a withdrawn life in the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

      Ruth Weiss: Nacht des Verrats

      Ruth Weiss' criminal novel is set in South Africa, 1998. Through an anonymous telephone call the lawyer, Ben Glaser who works for the truth and reconciliation commission finds a clue to a crime committed during the Apartheid period: Caroline Hughes, the daughter of an English missionary couple in Rhodesia, the present Zimbabwe becomes a complete orphan with the death of her parents during the fight for independence.

        Ruth Weiss: Wege im harten Gras

        Ruth Weiss, born in 1924 as Ruth Löwenthal in Fürth, was driven out of Germany by the Nazis with her family and came to South Africa in 1936. Here she grew up and later, as journalist for European and African media, she documented the turbulent developments in Southern Africa from the 1940’s until the end of Apartheid. She became a fearless fighter who, in solidarity with black South Africans, stood up against racism and Apartheid.

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