Audio- and Videomaterial dealing with Indigenious Knowledge

Indigenous knowledge is local, mostly traditional knowledge covering medicine, agriculture, religion, rituals and many other spheres of every day life. It still plays a major role in many African countries today, is usually transmitted orally from one generation to the next and is therefore in danger of being forgotten. This section focuses on the exploration, research and recording of indigenous knowledge, and the improved access to it.
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    Colin Campbell - On Indigenous Knowledge and the Earth   english

    An interview with Colin Campell on the significance of indigenous knowledge is illuminating, in that Colin grew up in rural Botswana and became familiar with traditional Tswana culture and spiritual practices.

    Identifying the potential of Indigenous Knowledge for innovation in African agriculture   english

    Anke Weisheit from Mbarara University in Uganda arranged a conference on indigenous knowledge as part of the AgKnowledge Africa Share Fair held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2010. The event explored the question of institutionalisation of indigenous knowledge and the role of libraries in Africa.

    Intangible Cultural Heritage   english

    Interview with Cécile Duvelle, head of the UNESCO section for the protection of intangible cultural heritage.

    Integrating Indigenous Knowledge in climate risk management   english

    In this brief video, Luke Olang of the IGAD Climate Prediction & Applications Centre (ICPAC) in Kenya, reports on the integration of indigenous knowledge into his organisation’s work in the area of weather and climate forecasts and management of climate risks for agriculture.

    Now We Are Hungry. How Indigenous Knowledge Can Help Protect Food and Water Security in a Changing Climate   english

    An interview with Rebecca Adamson, Cherokee Indian and founder of the First National Development Institute, where the opportunities offered by indigenous knowledge for dealing with the problems of climate change are discussed.

    The Forgotten Connections: Indigenous Knowledge, Sacred Sites and Climate Change Resilience in Africa   english

    Interview with Gathuru Mburu, coordinator of the African Biodiversity Network (ABN) and director of the Institute for Culture and Ecology, Kenya, conducted at the Gaia Evening Talk “The Forgotten Connections: Indigenous Knowledge, Sacred Sites and Climate Change Resilience in Africa”.

    UNESCO Archives Multimedia website   english

    A variety of videos on cultural forms of expression from the UNESCO film and audio archive have been added to the UNESCO lists for the preservation of intangible cultural heritage.