Articles & Journals dealing with Orality & New Media

This section gives attention to the relationship between orality and modern information and communication technologies (ICT). It explores opportunities offered by multimedia and social media plattforms, for example, to collect orally transmitted knowledge in a participatory process, make it accessible in its original form or available for further use.
Foto: Ken Banks

    Awerweg, Udo Richard & Greyling, Elizabeth Hester:
    Some challenges for Information and Communication Technologies in Indigenous Knowledge preservation [pdf]

    By digitalising indigenous knowledge, information and communication technology (ICT) offers new opportunities and perspectives for the global information society, as well as for the local communities in which indigenous knowledge was (and continues to be) developed. This essay examines some of the problems which may arise when ICT is used for cultural knowledge, such as the issues around context, dates, information and knowledge (as these are often viewed differently by the West than by indigenous cultures).

    Goodnow, Katherine J. und Natland, Yngvar: Storytelling and the Web in South African Museums   english

    This work covers a joint project between the Iziko Museums of Cape Town and the Norwegian International Museums Programme on the concept for a web-based museum. It describes the strategies on which the concept is based and provides background information on the possible demand for new forms of representation for South African museums.

    Schröder, Ingo W. und Voell, Stéphane: Einleitung: Moderne Oralität. Kommunikationsverhältnisse an der Jahrtausendwende [pdf]   deutsch

    Two authors use this text as an introduction to the anthology “Modern oral tradition: Ethnological perspectives of the multimedia presence.” They observe a worldwide renaissance of oral tradition as a result of the importance of radio, internet, mobile phones and telephones as means of communication. The text begins by explaining the term “modern oral tradition”, followed by descriptions of some of the general conditions of communication currently prevailing.

    Vosloo, Steve: Towards a Sustainable Development View of Local Content using ICTs in South Africa – A Key Priority in the National Information Society Strategy   english

    This essay refers to the document “Information Society and Development Plan and Implementation Strategy” compiled by the South African government. Steve Vosloo suggests an extended understanding of “local content” beyond the current limitations of the context of art, culture and oral tradition. He emphasises that new information and communication technologies should not be seen as a goal but as powerful and effective tools.

    Zurhellen, Sarah: “A Misnomer of Sizeable Proportions”: SMS and Oral Tradition [pdf]   english

    SMS communication technology has been examined comprehensively by the media as well as the academic world as text messaging offers a wide field of study for many, particularly linguists. This essay recommends stronger ties between research on SMS and oral traditions in order to examine the relationship between this form of communication and the changes of process of consciousness through the eAgora.