Projects dealing with Orality & New Media

This section gives attention to the relationship between orality and modern information and communication technologies (ICT). It explores opportunities offered by multimedia and social media plattforms, for example, to collect orally transmitted knowledge in a participatory process, make it accessible in its original form or available for further use.
Foto: Ken Banks

    CyberSmart Africa: Digital Storytelling   english

    CyberSmart Africa is an African initiative to improve the quality of teaching at schools in Senegal (among other places) via the use of solar-powered whiteboards. In order to gain parents’ and community leaders’ trust in these new teaching methods, CyberSmart Africa employs digital storytelling as an extension of traditional storytelling customs.

    Multimedia Research and Documentation of African Oral Genres: Connecting Diasporas and Local Audiences   english

    This project focusses on technologies that enable students to provide the “owners” of the oral texts with access to recordings and scientific insights in multi-media format.

    Qwasha!   english

    “Qwasha!” is a public internet archive of “counter-tales”, i.e. local media, songs, interviews and stories of communities in Durban and the surrounding areas produced with their participation. The archive is still in the initial stages. It contains texts as well as audio and video recordings.