Audio- and Videomaterial dealing with Oral History

"Oral History" is a method within the History Studies in which face-to-face interviews are conducted with surviving witnesses or verbal sources are analysed and evaluated. It provides us with a different perspective of the past and gives people a voice who would otherwise not have been heard.

African American Oral History Collection   english

A collection of recorded and transcribed interviews on the life of Afro-Americans in Louisville, USA is presented.

Audioweb des Migration-Audio-Archivs   deutsch

Here, the stories of more than 130 immigrants to Germany from all over the world can be heard. Audio contributions are presented in an interactive combination with pictures and quotations. The stories are interlinked and reflect the most diverse experiences

Die Quellen sprechen   deutsch

Actors and contemporary witnesses read hundreds of selected documents about the persecution of the Jews during the Nazi era – summarized by the perpetrators, the victims and observers.

Ivor Ichikowitz talks about African Oral History Archive   english

Video by Ivor Ichikowitz, industrialist and chairman of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, on the African Oral History Archive.   deutschenglish

Munich along with Memory Loops implements a visual memorial for the victims of the Nazi Regime. The audio work of Michael Melián comprises of 300 German and 175 English soundtracks that can be downloaded for free on an interactive city card.

Oral Histories of British-Goans   english

Brief documentary on the oral tradition of the Goans of East Africa who emigrated to Great Britain.

Oral History Education   english

A South African project which strives to promote oral history and offer people an opportunity to learn from history. This website provides both extensive information on the project and audio and video contributions on the subject of oral history.

Oral History Research Method   english

An interview with Sue Johnson of Worcester University in Britain on oral history and appropriate research methods.

pulaar - africa fulani peul kemet oral history   français

French documentary on the tradition of the Fulani/Pulaar people of West Africa, narrated by Malian author and ethnologist Amadou Hampâté Bâ.

TERANGA   english

A documentary by filmmaker Rachel Glass on an oral tradition from Potou, a rural town in Senegal. The main topic is teranga, a special kind of hospitality.

Überlebende erzählen – Visuelle Interpretation   deutsch

16 women report about their incarceration in the women’s concentration in Ravensbrueck and in the youth concentration in Uckermark.

Wir waren so frei…   deutschenglish

Initiated in 2008 by the Deutsche Kinemathek and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, their internet archive contains nearly 7000 movies and photos from the time between 1989 and 1990 and more than 100 accompanying written memories that have been provided by users.