Conferences dealing with Oral History

"Oral History" is a method within the History Studies in which face-to-face interviews are conducted with surviving witnesses or verbal sources are analysed and evaluated. It provides us with a different perspective of the past and gives people a voice who would otherwise not have been heard.

Corporate Voices: Institutional and Organisational Oral Histories – Yearly conference – Sussex / Great Britain   english

The yearly conference of the Oral History Society, in partnership with the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research of the University of Sussex, will deal with the meaning of oral history for businesses and other organisations, on 5 and 6 July 2013.

Power and Democracy: the many voices of Oral History - 18th International Oral History Association Conference – Barcelona / Spain   english

The International Oral History Association has organised their 18th conference for 9-12 July 2014 in Barcelona. It concerns orality in the context of human relationships, democracy, cultural heritage and its meaning in today’s time.

The Annual National Oral History Conference   english

The annual conference of the Oral History Association of South Africa each year has a different theme related to Oral History. The theme of the 9th annual conference in 2012 was “Oral History, Communities and the Liberation Struggle: Reflective Memories in post-Apartheid South Africa”.