Articles & Journals dealing with Oral Literature & Storytelling

This section deals with initiatives which study, gather and make available orally transmitted literary texts as well as projects focusing on the artistic expression of all forms of oral literature, including storytelling, spoken word, music, dance and theatre.
Foto: Simon Rawles

    Finnegan, Ruth: Oral Literature in Africa   english

    This important publication on oral literature in Africa is to be made available as an eBook via crowd funding. The website also contains press reviews of books and information on the idea of crowd funding.

    Lott, Joanna: Keepers of History   english

    In this article, Joanna Lott looks into the findings of Thomas A. Hale on the Griots and Griottes in West Africa and their manifold tasks. These “masters of words and music” know their people’s stories and their musical presentation and help to pass them on to subsequent generations.

    Muller, Sara: The transformative power of oral storytelling   english

    Article by Sara Muller on the history and significance of storytelling.

    Mulokozi, Mugyabuso M.: The common oral traditions of Southern Africa – a survey of Tanzanian Oral Traditions [pdf]   english

    Research report by Professor M. M. Mulokozi on the subject of the tradition of oral narration in Tanzania. The report is part of a study, supported by UNESCO, entitled “The Common Oral Traditions of Southern Africa”.

    Oral Tradition Journal   english

    The Oral Tradition Journal, established in 1986, publishes articles on oral traditions and oral literature as well as related research. It strives for comparative and interdisciplinary consideration of the emergence, passing on and interpretation of all forms of expression in the oral tradition. More than 500 published articles are available on the Oral Tradition Journal website and are available for download in PDF format.

    Sall, Mbathio: The importance of oral tradition for children: case of countries of the Sahel   english

    This lecture, held at the 65th IFLA conference in 1999, examines oral traditions both in Africa in general and in the Sahel countries in particular. Special emphasis is placed on the significance of oral traditions in African children’s literature.

    Thomas, Fabian: Märchen- und Erzählfestivals in Deutschland   deutschenglish

    Fairy tale and storytelling festivals are enjoying a large amount of support. Thomas Fabian provides an overview on the fascination and function of Storytelling in the contemporary German society.

    Zschoch, Gitte: Literatur mit Event-Charakter: Poetry Slam   deutschenglish

    An article by the Goethe-Institut on the development and importance of poetry slams in Germany, with videos and quotations from German poetry slammers.