Organisations dealing with Oral Literature & Storytelling

This section deals with initiatives which study, gather and make available orally transmitted literary texts as well as projects focusing on the artistic expression of all forms of oral literature, including storytelling, spoken word, music, dance and theatre.
Foto: Simon Rawles

    African Literatures – Leiden University   english

    The Department of African Languages and Cultures of the University of Leiden carries out various projects about written and spoken African literature. The website introduces these and contains links on the topic.

    Erzählkultur e.V. Bamberg   deutsch

    The focus of the association “Erzählkultur” is to strengthen the role of traditional storytelling amongst modern mediums, such as radio, television, and the Internet. To achieve this, various events have been arranged including puppet shows, tour guides as storytellers, storytelling cafés in old age homes as well as digital storytelling. In addition, this organisation involves the youth in storytelling projects and they organize an annual Storytelling festival.

    Erzählkunst e.V., Berlin   deutsch

    Erzählkunst aims to professionalise the art of storytelling. Its efforts include creating encounters between national and international storytellers as well as the development of a network enabling renowned storytellers (from Germany and beyond) to connect with one another. Through their work, Erzählkunst also contributes to individual language development. Their core activities focus on the introduction of the art of storytelling within kindergartens and schools.

    Haus der Märchen und Geschichten   deutsch

    Haus der Märchen is an organisation whose objectives include establishing the art of storytelling in Germany, to connect European storytellers, and to raise awareness of those involved in oral literature across the globe.

    International Society for Folk Narrative Research (ISFNR)   english

    Presented here is a website of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research.

    Märchenerzählkreis Thun   deutsch

    The Märchenerzählkreis Thun was established in 1998 and offers regular storytelling evenings for adults. It is an opportunity for the audience to listen to stories from various parts of the world.

    Center for Studies in Oral Tradition   english

    This interdisciplinary centre, based in Missouri, USA, was established in 1986 to conduct research into oral traditions and literatures worldwide. Particular importance is attached to interdisciplinary exchange, and the centre issues a series of several publications on the topic as well as the Oral Traditions magazine. The website also offers numerous articles and extensive information on oral traditions.

    International Society for the Oral Literatures of Africa   english

    The International Society for the Oral Literatures of Africa (ISOLA) is an interdisciplinary association of scientists from all over the world who are engaged in researching the rich oral traditions in Africa as well as the diaspora. ISOLA organises conferences for experts to exchange experiences and research findings at regular intervals.