Projects dealing with Oral Literature & Storytelling

This section deals with initiatives which study, gather and make available orally transmitted literary texts as well as projects focusing on the artistic expression of all forms of oral literature, including storytelling, spoken word, music, dance and theatre.
Foto: Simon Rawles

    A story is the wind - Pippa Skotnes and Mark Fleishman   english

    “A Story is the wind – representing time and space in SAN narratives” is a book that documents an art project in Clanwilliam in the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa. The art project focussed on the stories of the San – the first inhabitants of Southern Africa – via workshops, exhibitions and storytelling events.

    African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories   english

    Proverbs from 45 countries and in 101 languages were gathered for this website, and The African Stories Database facilitates access to more than 580 African folk tales, myths, historic novels, poems and more. Other resources offered on the subject include a bibliography, book reviews, access to eBooks, a mailing list and much more.

    Anansi Masters   english

    Anansi Masters is a digital platform with stories about the spider Anansi, a mythical creature, which appears in stories from Africa, Asia and Europe. The retold stories are presented as video clips on the multimedia platform, supplemented with background information and interviews with the storytellers.

    Erzä   deutschenglish

    Telling, Listening and re-telling are the essential elements of the project launched by Erzählkunst. Professional storytellers, who are all graduates from the Berlin University of Arts, visit schools and kindergartens in Berlin on a weekly basis. The result of this initiative is the development of the language diversity in Berlin.

    Multimedia Research and Documentation of African Oral Genres: Connecting Diasporas and Local Audiences   english

    This project focusses on technologies that enable students to provide the “owners” of the oral texts with access to recordings and scientific insights in multi-media format.   deutschenglishfrançais

    The interactive Poetry-Slam-Portal provides users with information on events, locations and people. It also allows for users to leave their comments.

    Oral tradition and slave trade in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin   english

    A UNESCO project to build an archive of oral traditions on the slave trade in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin.

    The Storytelling Project - UCT - Centre for Curating the Archive   english

    In this digital archive of stories of the San handed down in the oral tradition, stories which have never been published and others which are out of print long since are presented. The San are the first inhabitants of Southern Africa.

    Verba Africana   english

    The Verba Africana project releases video recordings of oral performances of poems, music and stories from African countries in an attempt to promote documentation, research and digitally assisted learning. The videos are available on the internet (streaming or download) and also as CD-ROM and DVD, including accompanying material. So far, videos of oral literature (with elements of music and dancing) have been produced in Ghana, Zanzibar and Mali.   deutsch

    This website contains a list of events for World Storytelling Day 2013 in the German speaking realm.

    World Oral Literature Project   english

    The World Oral Literature Project, Voices of Vanishing Worlds, was started at the University of Cambridge in 2009 and is a global initiative for the documentation and dissemination of endangered oral literature. In order to ensure that this literature does not disappear before it has been recorded, the project supports local communities as well as research projects and investigations which aim at preserving forms of oral literature. The results are available on the web in audio as well as video formats.