Projects dealing with Orality & the knowledge society

Here we introduce initiatives which contribute to knowledge production and transfer in oral cultures and promote the inclusion of African societies in the global knowledge society.

ULWAZI – sharing indigenous knowledge   english

ULWAZI is an initiative organised by the public libraries in the metropolitan area of Durban (Ethekwini Municipality) to capture indigenous knowledge and make it accessible. The central library in Durban initiated this programme against the background that libraries should not only gather and provide knowledge recorded in writing but also knowledge passed on in the oral tradition. People from various parts of Durban and the rural communities in the outlying areas conduct interviews, transcribe them and edit the texts as well as audio-visual material for an interactive website – arranged clearly into the categories of environment, history and culture with additional sub-categories and many opportunities to conduct searches. The 89 public libraries in the Durban metropolitan area support gathering and publishing of content while at the same time they are also access points to available information.