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    Werner Sobek, apartment house in Berlin, back side, Photo: Matthias Koslik

    Sustainable and energy-efficient – keeping pace with climate protection in construction

    Today, no one can afford not to care about sustainability, climate protection or energy efficiency. By the year 2020 there is to be a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the 1990 levels.More ...
    Front of the Kutscherhaus; Copyright: Franziska Holz

    Squatting from the Heart – Saving Hamburg’s Historic Gängeviertel

    A civic initiative launched by people from all walks of life has saved a run-down historic quarter in the centre of Hamburg from demolition.More ...
    “Be Berlin” theme campaign,
Copyright: Berlin Partner GmbH

    The Character of Cities – why Berlin “Ticks” Differently from Hamburg, Munich or Cologne

    An interview with sociologist Martina Löw about her unconventional theory on urban spacesMore ...