Architecture in Germany: Selected Links

Museums and Galleries

AedesPfefferberg, AedesLand, Berlin   deutschenglish

Aedes am Pfefferberg in Berlin, an architecture forum and publishing house, was founded in 1980 as the first private architecture gallery in Europe. It organises exhibitions and events in the fields of architecture and urban development. The AedesLand was opened in 2007 as a gallery for landscape architecture and urban space.

Architectural Museum of the University of Technology in Munich   deutsch

The Architectural Museum of the University of Technology in Munich houses the largest special collection of architecture in Germany. Its main theme is German architecture of the 18th to 20th century. Moreover, the museum gives information on exhibitions, events and publications in the field of architecture.

Architecture Gallery Munich   deutsch

This gallery is a platform for debates about architecture and other related aspects.

Architekturgalerie am Weißenhof   deutsch

This architecture gallery is devoted to the trends in current architecture and urban planning.

Bauhaus Archive, Museum of Design, Berlin   deutschenglish

History and influence of the Bauhaus (1913–1933). An important school of 20th century architecture, design and art. A comprehensive collection documenting the school’s history and all aspects of its work.

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation   deutschenglish

Foundation in historic rooms. The building is publicly accessible.

Berlinische Galerie   deutschenglish

State Museum of Modern Art, Photography, and Architecture

Dessau Masters' Houses   deutschenglish

The Dessau Masters' Houses designed by Walter Gropius served as private dwellings for the Bauhaus professors. The ensemble is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List and publicly accessible.

Ernst-May-Gesellschaft e.V.   deutsch

The Ernst May society promotes architecture, the preservation of monuments and science and research in these fields.

German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt/Main   deutschenglish

Founded in 1979, the DAM is a well-known institution worldwide. The museum exhibits the entire spectrum of present-day architecture.

German Center for Architecture (DAZ)   deutschenglish

The German Center for Architecture in Berlin is commited to discussions of current positions in architecture and a meeting-place for people interested in this subject.

KAZimKUBA, Kasseler Architekturzentrum im Kulturbahnhof   deutsch

KAZimKUBA, a non-profit association in the rooms of the former railway mission in Kassel, is a forum for exhibitions and disussions about urban planning and building.

M:AI Museum of Architecture and the Art of Engineering North-Rhine Westphalia   deutschenglish

M:AI stands for high quality building. M:AI wants to initiate, exhibit and export high quality building: museum, campaign, laboratory.

Mies van der Rohe Haus   deutsch

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed the "Landhaus Lemke" in 1932. Since 1990 it is an architectural monument and publicly accessible. In the building modern art exhibitions are shown.

Museum of Architecture Schwaben, Augsburg   deutsch

Branch of the Architectural Museum of the University of Technology in Munich with the task of researching and documenting the history of architecture in Swabia

Vitra Design Museum   deutschenglish

The museum in Weil am Rhein shows changing special design and architecture exhibitions.

Weißenhofsiedlung Stuttgart   deutschenglish日本語

Information about the origins, history and presence of the Weißenhofsiedlung

Institutions and Organisations

Architecture and Building Culture Initiative   deutschenglish

The initiative was established in 2000 by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development to bundle public debates about the quality of urban planning and constructing in Germany.

Architekturbild e.V.   deutsch

Society in support of an artistic critique through photography of the built environment. The society awards the European Architectural Photography Prize.

Association of German Architects and Engineers (BDB)   deutsch

Association of architects and construction engineers

Association of German Architects' and Engineers' Societies (DAI)   deutsch

Umbrella organisation that represents the interests of German architects and engineers

Association of German Architects (BDA)   deutsch

Association of freelance architects

Association of German Interior Designers (BDIA)   deutsch

This platform for information, communication and teh exchange of experience offers its members many different services.

Chambers of Architects in Germany   deutsch

Addresses and links to the chambers of architects of the different German states

Council for European Urbanism   deutschenglish

This European organisation sees itself as a platform for a reform of urban development in times of deep-rooted changes in the society, population decline, aging societies, urban sprawl and dwindling resources. The Council forms a network for exchanging experience and ideas with regard to the necessary redevelopment and redesign of the manifold European cities and regions.

Europan Germany   deutsch

Europan is a Europe-wide networked institution and promotes experimental housing and the development of innovative urban planning methods among other things by architecture competitions.

Federal Chamber of Architects   deutsch

The Federal Chamber of Architects represents the interests of more than 118 000 architects vis-à-vis politicians and the public on a national and international level. The Chambers of Architects of the 16 German federal states are members of the BAK. The website offers information about education and further training and a list of professional journals.

Federal Foundation for Building Culture   deutsch

Promotion of the building culture in Germany

German Academy for Urban and Environmental Planning   deutsch

Promotion of urban and spatial planning in both theory and practice

German Architects   deutsch

Independent communication platform for architecture including profiles of selected German architects and architect’s offices. Also available for other countries.

German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu)   deutschenglishfrançais

The German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) was founded in 1973 on the initiative of German cities. It is intended to help municipal authorities to solve their local problems by way of well-founded research and further training. Moreover, Difu tries to offer fairly long-term prospects and possibilities of action for urban development.

Guiding Architects - International Network for Architectural Guided Tours   english

Network of independent architects, all of which offer professional tours in the region or city where they are based. During the tours, current architectural developments, urban contexts, social and political backgrounds and many other issues are presented in an enjoyable and informative way. You get to see the most interesting modern architecture, visit important buildings and experience exciting city districts – all accompanied by an expert guide.

Initiative for Urban Building Cultur   deutsch

Initiative of North Rhine-Westphalia for the improvement of the built environment

“Lebendige Stadt” Foundation   deutschenglish

Objective is to play an active role in shaping the future of our towns and cities – by promoting cultural life, science and research, the conservation of cultural values, and the preservation of protected buildings.

Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin   deutschenglish

Information about urban development in Berlin

Südwestdeutsches Archiv für Architektur und Ingenieurbau (Saai)   deutsch

Aufgaben des Südwestdeutschen Archivs für Architektur und Ingenieurbau sind Nachlässe und Materialien zum Werk bedeutender Architekten und Ingenieure zu sammeln, die einen Bezug zur Baugeschichte des Landes Baden-Württemberg haben.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany   deutschenglish日本語

List of World Heritage sites in Germany

Web Portals and Directories - The internet guide for architecture   deutsch

The web portal Arcguide provides information about the entire spectrum of architecture. Its pages present new trends, projects, exhibitions and competitions as well as literature lists, job vacancies or news from universities. Arcguide publishes a daily press roundup with articles on architecture from important German-language newspapers. In addition it publishes the magazine Arcguide every quarter.

ArchInform   deutschenglish

International database for architecture

archinoah   deutsch

Interactive information server for students of architecture. It contains e.g. a list of contests and a job centre.

Architekten 24   deutsch

Online service in the field of architecture with news for architects, specialists and amateurs.

archiV   deutsch

Database of achitects

AZ/Architekturzeitung   deutsch

AZ/Architekturzeitung is an online publication and offers news and articles on current discussions related to architecture and building for architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting consultants and urban planners.

Baunetz   deutsch

Online service in the field of building industry with a database for architects.   deutsch

Web site for students of architecture including an annotated links list

Fraunhofer Information Centre for Planning and Building (IRB)   deutschenglish

Fraunhofer IRB is Germany’s central facility for national and international knowledge transfer in planning and building. The use of certain databases is available for charge.

German Newspapers and Periodicals: Architecture   deutsch

Annotated database including a selection of journals in the field of architecture

Nextroom   deutschenglishslovensky

European network in the field of contemporary architecture

Wolkenkuckucksheim   deutschenglishрусский

International online journal of architectural theory

Dossier: Urban Space

Urban planning, development and urban research as well as a look at various artistic approaches to urban landscape

platform for reflections from an artistic and cultural scientific perspective on climate change as well as for projects around the world


News from Germany’s culture and society