Green Building in Germany

Rainer Hascher, Photo: Wilfried Dechau, Stuttgart, detail

Think ahead for sustainability – a conversation with Rainer Hascher

We lack a culture of open discussion and responsible thinking and acting for sustainable building. Rainer Hascher, university professor and architect, in an interview.More ...
Deutscher Pavillon auf der Architekturbiennale in Venedig, Foto: Erica Overmeer

Architecture as a resource – The German Pavillon at the Biennale in Venice

“There is a surplus of architecture!“, comments Muck Petzet, General Commissioner of the German Pavilion at the 13th Architecture Biennale in Venice.More ...
Karo Architekten, Reading Hall in Magdeburg Salbke, Photo: Anja Schlamann

Recycling architecture – second life for scrap and waste

By using recycled material for construction work you can avoid waste, save energy and support climate protection. Recycling architecture, however, can accomplish even more.More ...
Oskar von Miller Forum Munich, Photo: Cassian Herzog

Design Inspired by Technology – the Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich

Among contemporary German architects Thomas Herzog is the pioneer in the field of sustainable building. His most recent example of energy-efficient architecture is the Oskar von Miller Forum.More ...
Werner Sobek, apartment house in Berlin, back side, Photo: Matthias Koslik

Sustainable and energy-efficient – keeping pace with climate protection in construction

Today, no one can afford not to care about sustainability, climate protection or energy efficiency. By the year 2020 there is to be a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the 1990 levels.More ...
H8 in Bad Aibling, Photo: Schankula Architekten

Up to the high-rise building level – Multi-storey timber construction in Germany

Multi-storey buildings are not usually associated with wood. Timber, however, should not be immediately ruled out as an alternative material for buildings with several storeys.More ...
Anne Heringer; © Heringer

“Showing Them How To Do It!” The Architect, Anne Heringer

Anne Heringer is just embarking on a career as an architect, but she has already achieved international recognition and respect.More ...
surPLUShome, Copyright: Technical University of Darmstadt - Team Germany

On the Sunny Side – The Plus Energy House by the University of Darmstadt

Seen from the outside, surPLUShome is a shiny black glass cube.More ...
“Oasis Restaurant”, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, 
Copyright: Ziegert Roswag Seiler Architekten

Building Across Borders – Projects by German Architects Abroad

According to an estimate by the Architekturexport network, five per cent of German architects’ offices are active abroad.More ...
Signet of the Chair for CimaDesign; © Lehrstuhl für Bauklimatik und Haustechnik, TU München

Training Architects in Climate Change: ClimateDesign

In the Masters programme ClimaDesign at the Technical University of Munich, architects and engineers in the fields of civil engineering, electrical engineering and physics learn how to build houses that are at once beautiful, comfortable and good for the environment.More ...
Building botany bridge (computer simulation); Copyright: Forschungsgruppe Baubotanik/Igma

Architecture with a Watering Can: Building Botany

The future of dwelling is alive. That is the belief of three architects from Stuttgart who are banking on a completely new building support structure: plants firmly rooted in the soil. More ...
German Seal of Approval for Sustainable Building; source: BMVBS

New Seal of Approval for Sustainable Building

In contrast to these, the German Society for Sustainable Building (Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen / DGNB) wanted to extend evaluation beyond merely the criterion of environmental compatibility. More ...
Copyright: Kaden Klingbeil Architekten

e3 - A Timber-Frame Building in "Stone-Built Berlin"

An almost ordinary apartment building in the midst of a Berlin tenement district has become an absolute hit – because eco-friendly timber-frame buildings are all the rage.More ...

Innovative Timber Construction in Germany

When one wishes to build ecologically and sustainably, attention focuses on building with wood.More ...
Bicycle parking area marked in red in Hanover; Cop: picture-alliance / dpa

Perspectives of Ecological Urban Development

Planning for climate change, construction in times of rising energy prices, environmentally-compatible living close to one’s workplace – the need for ecological urban planning today is undisputed.More ...
Alterra Research Institute for our green living environment, Wageningen, NL, by Stefan Behnisch
Cop: Behnisch Architekten

Green Houses, Sustainable Cities

Sustainable construction involves more than effective insulation and the use of alternative energy sources.More ...

It's not enough to hang a sign saying "solar architect" on your office door

The Sonnenschiff (Solar Ship) in Freiburg is a pioneer project in "green" construction. It is the brainchild of architect Rolf Disch, one of Germany's leading exponents of environmentally responsible building.More ...
R 128; Copyright: Roland Halbe

Winter Storms in the Living Room – Werner Sobek’s Epoch making House R 128 in Stuttgart

The days when ecological construction meant building wooden huts are long gone.More ...

Dossier: On the Path to a Culture of Sustainability

The concept of sustainability is accepted as a principle today. It is now a question of putting it into concrete practice.

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